Divorce is a common cause for homeowners to decide to sell their houses. Be it to pay legal fees or is a requirement from the state to split the earnings, it’s a tiring, stressful, and hurting situation.

At Plan B Homebuyers, we understand what you’re going through. We want to ensure your integrity above anything else; that’s why we buy houses in Whitefish. Stop searching for “sell my house fast for cash.” Our team is ready to inspect the property and make you a fair offer.

Don’t add more stress to your situation by hiring realtors; we won’t charge fees or commissions! Plus, we cover all closing costs. 


Why Is Selling Your House During Divorce a Good Idea?

By selling your house during the divorce, there’s no need to deal with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. The actual process of selling the house can be done easily and quickly by working with home buyers like us.

It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to fight over who gets what assets, including houses. As long as there are clear terms on how much each person will pay towards what they owe (mortgage), the sale should go through smoothly.

These types of sales typically take around 60 or more days from start to finish with normal realtors, but it never hurts to get your home sold faster than that! Plan B Homebuyers can close the deal with you in seven days if you want to.

Don’t let legal fees pile up by waiting months to sell your house. By choosing Plan B Homebuyers, you get more cash and no fees; no hassles.

Let Us Help You – Get In Touch!

Plan B Homebuyers helps homeowners going through difficult situations, whether it’s the death of a loved one or divorce. We buy houses in Whitefish; if you were looking for “sell my house fast for cash,” we got your back.

Plan B Homebuyers stands out from the rest by providing quickness, transparency, and expertise. Your future is no game for us. Our team is well-prepared to answer any doubts about our process; we want you to be properly informed before making any decision.

Once we give you a fair offer, you’re not committed to accepting it. Work with us and get to know what experience, efficiency, and knowledge look like.