Guiding Ships and History: North Point Lighthouse in Milwaukee, WI

Historic Beacon:

North Point Lighthouse in Milwaukee, WI, is a cherished maritime landmark that has guided ships along the shores of Lake Michigan for over a century. Built-in 1855, the lighthouse served as a crucial navigational aid for sailors entering Milwaukee’s bustling harbor. Learn more here.

Lighthouse Museum:

Today, North Point Lighthouse stands as a museum dedicated to preserving the region’s maritime heritage. Visitors can explore the restored lighthouse keeper’s quarters, climb the spiral staircase to the top of the tower, and learn about the history of Great Lakes shipping and navigation. Learn more about Preserving Milwaukee’s Architectural Heritage: Pabst Mansion.

Panoramic Views:

From the top of the lighthouse, visitors are treated to panoramic views of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee’s skyline, and the surrounding landscape. The breathtaking vistas offer a unique perspective on the city’s waterfront and serve as a reminder of the lighthouse’s vital role in ensuring the safety of sailors and ships.