Want to sell your house in as-is condition? For Plan B Homebuyers, the reason behind that decision isn’t our main concern. We buy houses fast and provide our clients with a fair cash offer. If you were searching for “sell my house as-is,”, we’re your best option.

We’ll take care of any situation you may be facing to provide the most efficient service. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary expenses; we won’t be putting your house for sale, we’ll be purchasing it directly from you. No fees, no commissions, no issues.


Plan B Homebuyers: Real Estate Solutions For Homeowners

By working with us, there are no obligations on the table. We can help you overcome many situations by buying your house for cash. These are some of the scenarios we have helped homeowners get out of:

  • Foreclosure: When you are facing foreclosure, we can help. If the bank has already started a foreclosure case against you, they will likely withdraw it when we make a cash offer on your house. With the money, you can cancel the debt and avoid losing your credit score.
  • Inherited Houses: When a loved one passes away, you might inherit their house – even if you don’t want it. We buy inherited houses in any condition and at a good price. You don’t need to inherit their home’s issues; get rid of unwanted expenses!
  • Divorce: The settlement can be tricky when you are going through a divorce. We buy homes fast in all the scenarios, including divorces! Sell your house to us and walk away with cash after closing. Don’t let legal expenses overcome you.

In all of these situations, we buy the houses in their as-is condition; this means you won’t have to make expensive repairs to increase their value. If you want to move on from the property, allow us to give you a caring hand.

Fox Point’s First Option

Plan B Homebuyers provides our clients with a fair cash offer. We buy houses fast, allowing homeowners to avoid financial issues and start over. No fees, no commissions. We aim to help Fox Point’s homeowners without taking their money away.

Were you looking to “sell my house as-is”? We’re here for you.