If you’ve decided to sell your house to cash home buyers in New Berlin, Plan B Homebuyers is the best choice available for you! We offer an expedited process that can put cash in your hands in less than two weeks!


A quick cash offer for your home sounds dreamlike for most, but there’s a lot that goes behind it. To correctly price your home, we at Plan B Homebuyers put in the utmost care to find the perfect balance and provide you with a fair cash offer. To get this done, here’s what we do!


The first thing we take into consideration to correctly appraise your property is located. Our professional team looks at a location because this impacts directly on your house’s value. 

Why? Properties that sit closer to schools, parks, or even a well-known restaurant usually go for a lot more money than others that don’t. These amenities are seen as an added value to your property. 

Price Comparisons

When dealing with a home for sale, we always look for comparable sales within the area. This helps us better understand what the right price of the property is. Location is usually the main factor when dealing with comparable sales, but not the only one!

At Plan B Homebuyers, we make a comprehensive review of similar properties like yours to get a clearer picture of the value through comparisons not only to properties close to yours but to properties that have similar characteristics like square footage and years of construction. 


At Plan B Homebuyers, we will buy your house no matter what the condition is. That’s why, when it comes to appraising a property, the condition is something that we take a very deep look at! 

Most homebuyers tend to give a quick look at your home and determine its condition, greatly diminishing the final offer since they make lots of assumptions! We do it differently. We look at everything to offer you a fair cash offer that works for you.


When we look at a property, we have to understand how much work will be needed to get it into tip-top shape. 

Look, we get it! Sometimes repairs can get overwhelming, and dealing with them can get very costly. At Plan B Homebuyers, we take this burdensome property off your hands to deal with all the hard work by ourselves!

Sell My House Fast in New Berlin

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I need to sell my house fast in New Berlin,” Plan B Homebuyers is your best bet. We offer you a fast and hassle-free process to get cash in your hands as quickly as possible!

Reach out to us now, and our team will appraise your property to give you the best and fairest cash offer possible!