How to Sell Your Rental House With Tenants in 3 Easy Steps

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Selling any kind of property can be a complicated process, but especially if you’re dealing with a rental property with tenants living in it. A tenant has the power to make or break a sale, so you want to guarantee that you do everything right.

If you’re trying to sell a rental property in Milwaukee with a tenant, here are three easy steps to make the process a breeze. 

1. Identify Your Rental Agreement

The first step is to sell a rental property in Milwaukee is to identify the type of rental agreement you have with your tenant. In most cases, leases are month-to-month or fixed-term.

2. Evaluate Your Options

If you’re dealing with a month-to-month lease, you can sell the house as long as you give your tenant a proper notice 21-30 days in advance. On the other hand, fixed-term leases require careful consideration before proceeding. You have three options to consider.

Wait for the Lease to Expire

The easiest way to resolve a fixed-term lease is to wait for it to expire. This allows your tenant to move out comfortably, leaving you with an empty house ready for repairs or staging. However, this process could take months. If you cannot wait, you can always terminate your lease if your tenant violates the lease terms. Valid reasons to legally end your lease include property damage, illegal activity inside the property, and failure to pay rent.

Sell It as an Active Lease

In most states, when selling a leased property, the lease is transferred with the property, making the new owner the landlord. However, this limits your potential buyers as you would need to find someone who agrees to the lease terms and continues renting the property to the tenant.

Negotiate With Your Tenant

If you have a prospective buyer and need the house emptied soon, you can talk to your tenant to negotiate their exit before lease expiration. You can offer to pay their moving costs or their security deposit for their new home to give them an incentive to leave. However, if the tenant doesn’t accept your offer, you’ll have to wait for the lease to end to proceed with the sale.

3. Ensure a Smooth Sale

To guarantee a smooth sale, make sure you keep communication channels clear at all times with your tenant. Additionally, make sure you’re well informed about your state’s laws and regulations regarding leases and tenant rights to avoid any legal repercussions.

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