The Untold Dangers Of Vacant Properties

Being a homeowner with multiple properties is a challenging task. Often, people will purchase a house and end up inheriting another later, leaving one of those properties vacant. In an ideal world, nothing would happen to that property while it sits there waiting to be sold or occupied. However, the reality is that criminals often target vacant properties.

Besides criminals, vacant houses also face other dangers. Read on if you want to learn more about this and the ultimate solution to eliminate potential hazards!

6 Dangers Of Vacant Houses

  1. Theft & Vandalism: This is one of the most common dangers regarding vacant properties. If your house is empty, nothing stops criminals from breaking in and stealing whatever they can find. Additionally, vandals may target your property, causing extensive damage that can be expensive to repair.
  1. Squatters: While squatters may not cause any damage to your property, they can be a significant nuisance. In some cases, they may even refuse to leave when you try to sell the house or occupy it yourself. This can complicate the sale process and cost you time and money in legal fees.
  1. Fire: An empty house with a functioning electrical system is a fire hazard. If a fire starts, there’s no one there to put it out or call the authorities. This could lead to extensive damage to your property and even put your neighbors’ homes at risk.
  1. Water Damage: If a pipe bursts or leaks in your roof, the water can quickly cause significant damage to your vacant property. This is especially harmful if the problem goes undetected for an extended period.
  1. Trespassers & Urban Explorers: People may see your vacant house as an opportunity to explore or trespass. This could damage your property and liability if someone is injured.
  1. Fly-Tipping: This is when people illegally dump rubbish on your property. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also attract vermin and other pests.

How To Avoid Unwanted Issues

If you can’t maintain a vacant property, the best solution is to sell it. This will help you avoid many of the dangers listed above. However, working with realtors can be time-consuming, and you may not get the best price for your property. You’ll be required to make expensive repairs and declutter before showings. So, if you don’t have the budget and want to finish fast, there are better solutions for you.

On the other hand, working with home buyers is a fast and straightforward solution. You won’t have to make any repairs, and they purchase vacant properties regardless of their condition. The sale happens fast, and they pay you in cash!

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