Plan B Homebuyers buys houses in West Allis, WI

Plan B homebuyers is a home buying company in the West Allis, with the sole purpose of helping you sell your home while experiencing great service. We know that when your house is on sale, you can find a vast amount of obstacles in your way, especially if you are in need of capital; Plan B Homebuyers will gladly help you take care of them.


If either this is your first time selling a house or you already have a little experience, we both agree that it’s a tedious process; just taking the first step can be a little exhausting if you don’t know what to do or the best way to do it.

3 Things to keep in mind when selling!

  • Investment

You usually don’t think about investing in the property you are about to sell, right? When homebuyers start assessing your house and start noticing all the issues that need to be repaired, the offer, they will give you will drop drastically. We are talking about roofing problems, holes in the wall, damaged water heater; the thing is every home has an issue, and they will let you know that issue may complicate the selling part. Which is not true. At Plan B Homebuyers, we work differently.

  • Time

The amount of time needed to sell a home is an average of 24 months based on the last study performed; this can become a big inconvenience if you need the money as soon as possible. Your house will be placed in an MLS Listing along with thousands of other homes waiting to be magically found by someone. At Plan B Homebuyers, selling your house won’t take so long. In seven days, you can have your cash on your hand.

  • Commission or fees

Your realtor will receive 6% for pretty much placing your house in the MLS Listing and showing your home a couple of times to different homebuyers, to put that in perspective the median home value in West Allis is $156,457, which means your realtor will get $9388 for selling your home, sounds unreal right? Also, this is money coming straight out of your pocket since it’s money that either one, you used to fix your home or two, the actual profit you were expecting from the sale.

Plan B Homebuyers to the rescue!

Get in contact with us today to find out the fair cash offer you can get for your home as-is! It’s a quick 4 step process to get cash fast for your home.